About Us


Genius Bargain is more than an online store. Our vision is based on the desire to make people happier and we achieve this by selling high-quality everyday products at enviably best lowest prices! This concept is present in all aspects of the brand. Parallel to the strong commitment to the development of new concepts, Genius Bargain continues to aim to become a global brand of reference, keeping the United States as a priority market and furthering its internationalization process.


The continued confidence and preference of Genius Bargain customers makes its team of professionals continue to work on the construction of a reference company in Asia, Europe and Australia whose brand has achieved a high level of notoriety in the market and presents a multidisciplinary nature of its resources, allowing an Integrated service in all its areas. Taking customers a reason for their success is one of the basic principles of Genius Bargain as well as guaranteeing a service of excellence. Encouraging creativity and innovation and acting with transparency are some of the values that are making Genius Bargain a benchmark in the international market.